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Sick of professionals and tradespeople letting you down? Struggling to find a reputable local business? Want to avoid disappointment but not sure where to look?

ConnectEzy is a local business directory for trusted Australian businesses. We use reviews and reports to monitor the integrity and performance of the companies we advertise so that you can have confidence in your decision.

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    Get your problems solved. ConnectEzy gives you access to an exclusive directory of top-performing professionals, trades, service providers, and product suppliers.

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    Find the ideal local business for your needs. ConnectEzy gives you all the information you need to make the right choice.

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    Take action. Use the contact form to reach out to the business. They will contact you directly using the details you supply.

What types of local businesses can I find?

The ConnectEzy local business directory connects you with industry-leading professionals.

Building & trades

Find tradespeople and construction professionals to build or renovate your home.


Looking for professional assistance as you create your dream business or life?


Design is in the details. Get help with building designing, gardens, and interiors.

Financial & legal

Get your finances organised by industry experts or secure legal advice that you can rely on.


Create a beautiful outdoor space with landscaping and other maintenance services.

Real estate

Get the help you need when buying, renting, advertising, and selling residential and commercial property.

Repairs & maintenance

Need help with urgent repairs? Want a professional to take care of regular maintenance?


Decorate every room in your home with products that are both functional and beautiful.


Security systems help homes and businesses and the people and valuable possessions within them.


Technology is great – when it works. Get reliable IT support, tech repairs, and more.

Transport & storage

Need removalists? Looking for a storage solution? Find reputable transport and storage business in Australia.


Get the essential things you can’t live without: electricity, phone, gas, internet, and more.

How can I find local businesses on ConnectEzy?

Use filters to find businesses in the directory

Save your favourite businesses

Compare prices and services/products with your recent business list

Read reviews left by other users to help you decide which businesses to contact

Contact businesses directly

Rate businesses to tell others about their customer service and quality of service/products