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Our FAQs will answer your questions about advertising with us

How many free trials am I allowed?

Only one free trial per user. When your free trial expires, you can purchase our quarterly or annual advertising package. Our paid packages include additional features to showcase your business services or products.

Can I have multiple accounts?

You can have multiple accounts however, this will not give you a cohesive presence on ConnectEzy Australia. We suggest using one account and purchasing multiple packages for multiple business listings which will be connected to your business account.

Can I transfer my package to another account?

No packages cannot be transferred between user accounts.

What happens to my business ad if I don't have a current package?

All business packages have an expiry duration and listings have a separate expiry duration. This means if you buy a package and don’t upload your listing for a week later, your listing will be visible to users even after your package expires.

When business packages expire you will not be able to edit and update your advertisement or events (not available with free package).

Your listing will expire after the duration allocated in the package you purchased. When listings expire they are no longer visible on ConnectEzy.

Can I buy a package multiple times?

Yes, you can buy more than one package at once. Do this if you are running multiple ad campaigns.

Can I get help with uploading my business ad?

Yes, contact us if you need assistance with your business ad. We are happy to walk you through the process. We also provide online support, phone and email support.

For documentation on using ConnectEzy services read our support information.

Learn more about how to contact us.

Where do I access my business ad?

Your business advertisement and account information is all accessed from your user account.

At the top of every page is the user profile icon. Log in and access your account dashboard. Your user menu includes your account information, listings and more.

See support to learn more about using your user dashboard.

If you want to change the account username, you should create a new account.

Can I get a refund on my package?

We will provide a refund only if there was a technical reason why your ad wasn’t published. Depending on the situation, we will either offer a full or pro-rata refund.

For more information about refunds read our terms and conditions.