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FAQs for advertising with us. Read our frequently asked questions about promoting your business services, products and key staff/talent on ConnectEzy.

If you have other advertising FAQs please contact us.

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How many free trials am I allowed?

Only one free trial per user. Of course you could create a new account each time you want to get a free trial. We understand cash flow is tough when you start a new business.

However, be aware that if you do that you have to use a different email account. That may not be good for business. We think our ads are very cost effective and worth the investment.

What happens to my ad when my package expires?

When your package expires, goes over one month, your ad stays visible on ConnectEzy until we expire it. You will not be able to edit or update the ad after the duration of the package.

If we expire the ad, you can reactivate it by buying another package.

Can I buy a package multiple times?

Yes, you can buy a package or more than one package at once. Do this if you are running a major ad campaign.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts. You would do this to promote multiple staff members for your organisation and then attach different ads to the staff members.

If you buy the business package, you can have all your talent linked to your business page.

What happens to my business page if I don't have a current package?

Your business page remains visible and searchable on ConnectEzy regardless of whether you have a current package or not. You can request it to be removed. However this will remove all links to talent pages and business ads.

Can I get help with uploading my business ad?

Yes, contact us if you need assistance with your business ad. We are happy to walk you through the process. We also provide online, phone and email support.

What happens if I want to edit my talent page

The talent page or manager/owner page is controlled from your user dashboard. So you can open your user dashboard and change your account information and profile image. This will automatically change the key staff member page.

You cannot change the account username.

If you want to change the account username, you should create a new account.

Can I get a refund on my package?

We will provide a refund only if there was a technical reason why your ad wasn’t published. Depending on the situation, we will either offer a full or pro-rata refund.

Can I transfer my package to another account?

No packages cannot be transferred between user accounts.


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