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We value your feedback about our advertising services and the effectiveness of our website. Use our feedback form below to tell us what you like about what we do and how you think we can improve. Thank you for providing us with valuable feedback to better meet your needs as a general user or business advertiser.

Feedback form

To provide feedback, please enter your name and email address. Indicate how you use ConnectEzy. Are you a general user or a business advertiser? Enter your feedback in the message box. Please provide both positive and constructive feedback to help us know what we do well and where we can improve. Indicate if you would like us to respond to your feedback.

    What do we do with your feedback?

    Thank you for providing feedback about our advertising services and the effectiveness of ConnectEzy. We value feedback and will process the information you have provided. Sometimes we won’t be able to implement feedback as it is beyond the scope of our business or services provided.

    With your permission we will contact you, if we need to clarify any of the information you provided about our services. We may also report back to you directly about changes we implemented or in our newsletter.

    What type of feedback would we like to receive?

    We welcome all feedback. However, the most valuable feedback is constructive feedback. This means, tell us what we are doing well and the areas where we can improve.

    We also welcome feedback about errors and omissions on our site. This may include typing and spelling errors, links which do not work or missing information. Please use our feedback form above.

    How should I report issues with my business advertisements?

    If you have a concern regarding your advertisement or need assistance to create or modify your business listing please contact us using a suitable method.