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How to advertise my business locally

How to advertise my business locally

You might offer the best product on the market backed by a gold standard of customer care, but if no one can find your business, well, you’re in trouble. Where do I learn how to advertise my business locally? We hear you asking.

Here are six things you can try right now.

1. Start a customer loyalty program

Standing out from local competition can be tricky, but incentivising repeat business can be an excellent way to keep customers loyal.

Customer loyalty programs don’t have to be complex or difficult to manage. A simple stamp card is all it takes – get 20 per cent off your fifth haircut, buy nine coffees and get one free, and so on.

2. Create a local business directory listing

Wondering how to advertise my business locally? Creating a local business directory listing is a quick and easy way to reach residents in your area.

Even better? Directory listings help boost your local SEO, which means more organic web traffic, more leads, and ultimately more business.

3. Join a community group

Networking is a powerful tool, so why not join a local business network, such as the Chamber of Commerce? You’ll have to pay a small fee, but if you attend meetings and events, it’s certainly worth it. Often, businesses within the Chamber actively try to support one another.

4. Check in with your customer service practices

Customer service is critical if your business is to succeed locally. Remember, good news travels fast, but bad news spreads like wildfire.

In other words, if a customer feels ripped-off by your business, they’ll likely tell others. And that’s why small businesses lose billions every year due to poor customer service.

5. Give back

advertise business locally

If you are passionate about your local community, don’t be afraid to show it. Try representing your company at a charitable event by making a donation or providing services free-of-charge. You’ll feel good for it.

6. Get active on social media

“Generating engagement on social media through shares, likes, comments and so on is a great way to extend your brand’s reach and build a loyal customer base.” – Forbes

If you’re like most people, you already use social media to connect and communicate with people in your life. Now, it’s time to recognise what powerful tools Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms are for local businesses.

Post regularly, post the right things, and be sure to respond to any messages and comments.


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