How to advertise business


How to advertise business, services or products online? ConnectEzy offers real time advertising for businesses which is easy and quick.

Follow our four easy steps to advertise your business and start promoting your services and products to suitable customers in your district and across Australia.

Are you ready to learn how to upload your business ad in the next 15 minutes?

How to advertise business in 4 easy steps

Implement these four easy steps to create your business advertisement today!

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Login to access your user dashboard.

Choose an advertising package. Intro package available.

Use our online form to upload your business advertisement.

Four step process to advertise business

Descriptions of the steps to advertise

1. Sign up

Sign up to set up an account as an advertiser. To sign up you will need a username, email account and password.

Tips for selecting a username and email

  • The username and email account will be visible to all users
  • Ensure the username is professional and appropriate for general users
  • Select an email account which is suitable for users to contact you

NOTE: We endeavour to stop spammers using our website by implementing a variety of security software. For your protection we suggest creating a separate email account for your advertisements.

Why do advertisers need an account?

Advertisers need an account to enable them to setup a profile which includes contact information which will be used in the advertising. This account is also used to manage your advertisements. User accounts are free and all information related to your account is managed by you in My Dashboard.

2. Login to account

Login to your user account entering your username and password. This gives you access to My Dashboard where your account data and advertisements are controlled.

Why can’t I login to my account?

Sometimes you may experience an issue with the login process. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The username is different to the one you thought you entered. This sometimes happens if the username was created with a space.
  2. The incorrect email address was entered, for example, it includes a typing error. If you haven’t received any confirmation emails from ConnectEzy, that usually means the email address is incorrect.

What to do if you can’t login?

If you have any issues accessing your account, please contact us and we will check your account and reset it if required.

3. Choose and buy advertising package

Choose from a variety of advertising packages. To advertise you must buy one advertising package. Users can buy multiple packages to purchase additional advertising pages. While advertisers have a current advertising package business advertisements can be uploaded and edited. At the end of a package’s duration the allocated advertisements expire. This means the ad is no longer visible on ConnectEzy. Therefore, to reactivate advertisements or to create a new advertisement users would have to buy a new advertising package.

All advertisements remain visible in the user dashboard and My Business Ads.

Some packages have additional services which are activated after the appropriate packages have been purchased.

See our terms and conditions for more information about advertising with ConnectEzy.

4. Upload business advertisement

Our business advertisements can be created for a business, service or product. This means the information can be customised to meet your business’s context. Regardless of whether you are uploading a standard or featured ad, they both include the same information.

Use our online form to create a new business ad for your business. After the advertisement is submitted it is instantly published on ConnectEzy. To find your advertisements after they have been published go to My Business Ads. Here you can edit and update your ads as needed.

See support and our videos for assistance with uploading business ads.


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