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Free trial
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  • 1 month Duration
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Start up package
  • $44

  • 1 month Duration
  • 1 Business Ad
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Business package
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  • 1 month Duration
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All prices are GST inclusive!

Package inclusions

Packages can include standard or featured business advertisements. Ads are visible on ConnectEzy for one month  before they expire. Additional services and promotions are detailed for each package including key staff member page, business page, social shares and blog posts.


For limited time only

Standard business ad

Create a standard business ad for your business services or product including images and video. Promote your business for one month on ConnectEzy.

Your ad will include your business location and embed a contact form for customers to contact your directly. Link your ad to your business’s website and other contact details.

Self-managed advertisement

You are in complete control of your ad. Manage it from your user dashboard. Edit, update, hide, delete and reactivate the ad as required. Check out the number of times the ad has been viewed by potential customers.

Personalised customer service

We are here to assist you with any issues you have with creating or managing your business ads. You can contact us by phone during our opening times (6 days a week) and email any time.

Also you can see our advertising FAQs and support including videos on how to advertise and use ConnectEzy.

Optimised and enhanced

All business ads are optimised within 24 hours (usually a few hours) to enhance their searchability.

Also we will review your ad to see if there are any opportunities to improve your ads appearance to customers. This may also include correcting typing errors.

Start up

BONUS owner/manager page

Includes FREE Trial benefits

The Start Up package includes one standard business ad, self-management of your advertisement using your user dashboard and personalised customer service.

Priority ranking with featured ad

Get 3 times or more additional exposure for your business with a featured advertisement.

Use a featured ad to showcase a special event or marketing campaign for your business for one month.

Your featured business ad will get priority ranking over other business ads in all search results. This will ensure your business is seen before your competitors.

Promotion of key staff member

With the Start Up package you can register a key staff member and their specialised skills and experiences. The owner/manager page gives your business additional exposure or advertising for the talent in your business.

The owner/manager page links automatically to your business ads driving more customers to your business.

Social share

All featured ads get shared with at least one of our social media platforms to drive even more views of your business services and products.


BONUS Business page

Includes all Start Up package benefits

The Business package includes all the features of the Free Trial and the Start Up package.

This includes the standard business ad, managing your ads with your user dashboard, personalised customer service, optimisation and enhancement of all your ads, priority ranking for your featured ads, promotion of one key staff member and social share of the featured ads.

Separate business page

The ultimate exposure for your business, the business page provides a seamless connection between your marketing campaigns, key staff member and business.

Potential customers can find you through our business page, owner/manager profile or business advertisement. All three are linked allowing customers to learn more about you and your services or products.

Additional share

Depending on your business services or products we will promote you with at least one of our other platforms; RentEzy, SellEzy or LeaseEzy.

We will do this by sharing your featured ads with at least one social page on RentEzy, SellEzy or LeaseEzy, which ever is the most relevant to your business services or products.

Blog post

We will include your business in a blog post we write on either RentEzy, SellEzy or LeaseEzy promoting your services or products.

Information from your ad, owner/manager page or business page will be used and linked to the blog.

Package descriptions

Free trial

No risk, no obligation, free advertisement for your business

Upload one business ad for your business, a particular service/product or a marketing campaign/special currently being offered.

Expires in a month and be reactivated by purchasing another package.

Start up package

Great value for money, prioritised ranking and promotion of talent

This package allows you to highlight the talent of one staff member, manager or owner with the owner/manager profile which is activated from your user dashboard, only one person can be promoted for each user account.

With two ads, one standard and one featured, you have two full page ads to promote your business, services or products or special offer. Have twice the impact for your business. Your featured ad will get additional views because of its priority ranking in all search results and social share with one of our pages.

Business package

The ultimate in business promotion

The Business package offers comprehensive exposure for your business. The business page promotes your business’s services, contact information and location, while the owner manager page promotes the talent in your business.

All pages and ads are connected to allow for a comprehensive promotion of your business to potential customers/clients.

Even when the ads expire, the business page and owner/manager pages remain on ConnectEzy providing links to your website.

Additional promotion is provided for the business in way of a social share with a sister site either RentEzy, LeaseEzy or SellEzy and inclusion in at least one blog.

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