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Specifications for business ads

What information is required to create a business ad? The following specifications outline the information required to create a business ad. Read our tips to help you maximise the impact of your advertisement.

Business title

Business title field in the submit form.

Business title specifications

Business title in the published business ad.

Title banner on business ad

Tips for business title


  • select a business title which describes the focus of your advertisement
  • use 5-8 words
  • use your business name, name of service, name of product
  • add a benefit/value statement


  • include too many words and over crowd it
  • include exclamation marks at the end of the title
  • type in all capitals

Business service/product description

Description field in the submit form.

Description field in submit form

Description field in the published business ad.

Service description in business ad

Tips for writing the service/product description

  • Describe the business service or products
  • Use headings and alignment to highlight important information
  • The format tool bar can be used to change the appearance of text and to format paragraphs
  • Text can be linked to URL pages in the business’s website
  • Media is to be added using the gallery (see below)
  • Limited html code can be used here
  • Inline CSS can be used to change the colour and spacing of text

Business location

Business location fields in submit form

Business location in submit form

Business location fields in published business ad

Business location fields

Google map pinning address fields

Google map pin address fields

Google map directions in published business ad

Get directions

Tips for business location and Google maps

  • the address field is the business location relevant for the business service or product
  • the address field should be a complete address, for example:
    • Shop 1/17 Larson Court, Indooroopilly QLD 4068
  • Google maps will use this address to pin the business location
  • click the pin address button if you move the map marker to clarify the position of the business
  • the service area is your distribution area, where you will provide services or deliver products
  • service areas include Australia wide, states and major city districts
  • if you want your ad to cover two or more cities then choose the state wide option

Business industry

Business industry fields in submit form

Business industry fields

Overview fields in published business ad

Overview fields

Tips for business industry fields

  • the status, industry and operations fields are searchable
  • status includes professionals/services or trades/products
  • one status must be selected
  • industry is a broad indicator of the main industry focus of the business
  • only one industry can be chosen
  • other industry is available for businesses who do not align with the other industry areas
  • operations includes the function of the business and its ad
  • only one operation can be chosen

Important note:

ConnectEzy’s focus is to advertise businesses, professionals, trades related to providing services and products to home owners, property investors and tenants. Therefore we may not include the industry or operations matching some businesses. Please contact us to request the addition of new industry or operations options to our database.

Service/product price

Price fields
Overview fields

Tips for price fields

  • there are three (3) price fields: price $, before price label and after price label
  • the three fields allow for any combination of price required
  • price on call can also be turned on to indicate the user will need to call you to obtain a quote or price
  • don’t enter the $ for the price field, your ad will not save!
  • if advertising a product then the price field may be the price for the product, for example, price $: 44, after price label: each, this will display $44 each
  • if advertising a range of services or products, for example, price: 22, before price label: Starting from, this will display Starting from $22
  • both before and after price labels can be used, for example, price: 22, before price label: From, after price label: month, this will display From $22 / month
  • don’t enter the per symbol ( / ), it is inserted automatically if you choose an after price label