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Why backlinks are important

Why backlinks are important

Why backlinks are important

If you have an online business, backlinks are important! Why, because Google says so! They impact the credibility of your website. We all need them for our online businesses to improve its ranking.

What are backlinks?

When you go to business networking events, you meet people, exchange business cards and a connection has been made.

Then one day, you run into that person again, or you decide to give them a call. You give them some information or maybe you think they can do some work for you. Either way that initial connection provided an introduction where you started to like and know that person.

Well when you give another person a backlink you are saying the same thing. You are saying this business is reputable, I like them, know them and trust them.

So backlinks are hyperlinks from one website to another website. When a website links to your website, you gain a backlink for your website. If you link to another website, this represents an external link in one of your web pages, while the other website receives the backlink.

Business networking

Not all backlinks are good!

The other day I received a spam email. It told me that having related backlinks is a must in today’s SEO world and that they could gain for my website 500 to 1000 links within 15 days!

What do they say, “A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous!” This is certainly one of those times this is true! To a novice online business owner, this email may be enticing. But be aware! Buying bulk backlinks can do more harm to your ranking than good!

I once contacted a quite popular online directory service who use to be paper based many years ago. They were reputable, well I thought so. They told me I can advertise my business with them and earn at least 30 instant backlinks for $70 a month and locking me into a 12 month contract!

Links gained without context are not reputable.

At first, I thought the 30 backlinks would be great. I knew they were important. But my intuition told me to investigate further. So I did. My research quickly confirmed for me that I could do more harm than good if I signed up with them.

I cancelled the order immediately. Lucky! I decided to earn my reputation, even if that was going to take a while.

Building your reputation

Getting a reputation takes time. Work your networks and use marketing strategies to get people to know who you are, like what you do and represent, and trust you.

It’s hard to to get other websites to link to your new online business, just like it’s hard to get a small business going from scratch. It takes perseverance, time, creativity and energy to grow your business and the same can be said for building relationships online.

Building links and reputation

Growing your content everyday, blogging ideas, contributing to social media, developing relationships with complementary businesses and customers will eventually assist you to gain those valuable backlinks.

Learn more about backlinks. Moz has a Beginners Guide on link building which will give you more detailed information. If you have a business website it is important you are aware of the importance of building your reputation online. Also make sure you discuss building links with your digital marketing consultant or team member.

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